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I have been reading this article and the nested collection section sets the url as follows:

'donut_shops/' + + '/donuts'

I am wondering how this would map to a web api controller and action etc. i.e. what would donut_shops/5/donuts call on a controller? I could understand if the id was at the end then it would be calling the donuts action passing in the id but I am confused with the id being in the middle.

var DonutShop = Backbone.Model.extend({
  defaults : {
  name : "Untitled"

initialize : function() {
// When you extend a Backbone.Model and give it an initialize function,
// the function is called when you instantiate an instance of your Model.

// The initialize function is used repeatedly in Backbone's prototypes. We'll be seeing this again
this.donuts = new Donuts;
this.donuts.url = 'donut_shops/' + + "/donuts";

Thanks, Gary

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Nesting in this manner accesses the embedded collections of the base resource. So in this case, there are many donut_shops and each has many donuts. So with this URL:


you GET all the donuts of the donut_shop which has an id of 5.

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donuts_shops is a collection of shops

donuts_shops/5 is the shop with id 5

donuts_shops/5/donuts is a collection if donuts in the shop with id 5

donuts_shops/donuts is a collection of all donuts in all shops

donuts_shops/5/donuts/6 is the donut with id 6 in the shop with id 5

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Thanks for your answers and apologies for a late reply, I understand what data will be returned i.e. donuts from donut shop 5 etc. But I am not sure how this will be implemented with a Web API call. For example I assume there would be a donut_shop controller which accepts an integer for it's id, this would return donut_shop 5 but what method in the Web API would be called to get that shopts donuts? Is this all made with one call to the Web API? – Gary F Jan 2 '14 at 9:37

Okay I think I have found the answer to my question in this question posted a while ago on stackoverflow:

nested resources in MVC 4 WebAPI

I suppose half the skill is in knowing what you are searching for :-)

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