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Hi I am trying to count the number of times an event is raised within the last 14 days of a date. simply put if i have an opened case on the 23rd of last month i want to check the previous 14 days of the 23rd to see if there have been another event raised of the same type within that period.

So far the only expression i have is

=IIF(Fields!Weeks.Value="WK3&4" AND count(Fields!CService.Value)>0, IIF((count(Fields!CService.Value AND Fields!Weeks.Value="WK3&4") + count(Fields!CService.Value AND Fields!Weeks.Value="WK1&2"))>1,"R",0, count(Fields!CService.Value))


=IIF(Fields!Weeks.Value="WK3&4" AND count(Fields!CService.Value)>0,
count(Fields!CService.Value AND Fields!Weeks.Value="WK3&4")+count(Fields!CService.Value AND Fields!Weeks.Value="WK1&2"),

    Select distinct

REPLACE((REPLACE((REPLACE(REPLACE(st.roundgroup,'WK1',''),'WK2','')),'WK 1','')),'WK 2','') as RoundGroup,
E.ServiceUnit + ' ' + E.Service as CService, 
CASE WHEN E.EventCreatedDateD between dateadd(wk,-4,GETDATE()) and dateadd(wk,-2,GETDATE()) THEN 'WK1&2'
     WHEN E.eventcreateddated >= DATEADD(wk,-2, GETDATE()) THEN 'WK3&4'
     END as Weeks

 Rpt_Events E

left join Rpt_ServiceTasks st   on E.serviceunit = st.serviceunit and e.Service = st.service and st.contractID = e.ContractID 
left join Rpt_EventData ed on e.EventID = ed.EventID and ed.Description = 'notes' and  ed.ContractID = e.ContractID 
left join Rpt_Rounds RND on RND.roundid = st.roundID 

E.EventCreatedDateD between dateadd(wk,-4,GETDATE()) and GETDATE()

and what i want is to be able to say if an event was raised check last 14 days to see if another was raised, if true then show an "R" if false show 1.

i know i would need to sum the totals of the previous 14 days but not sure where to begin as i am not allowed to aggregate an aggregate.

any help would be great

EDIT: I have modified the SQL now to identify the weeks concerned but now having issues with writing a good enough expressions that will work. the expression above is my edited version but still having issue.


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Is there a reason you can't do this in the SQL, and need to have it within the RDL?

The SQL should be easy, try making use of subqueries to get around the aggregate-of-an-aggregate hurdle.

If you need to do it within the RDL, the Lookup() and LookupSet() functions might make your life easier.

If this doesn't help you, could you post a bit more detail? Data structure may help.

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Hi Kyzen i have edited the SQL to include a field which will identify the weeks i have included my SQL if it helps to show what i am trying to achieve. –  user2040295 Jan 9 '14 at 16:11

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