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I have an AJAX call to a method in my code-behind. I have set everything up but it seems unreliable.

The java function uses PageMethods. to call my method in the code-behind. I have done some testing most times it works but sometimes for some reason it does not call the method in the code-behind.

I am not sure why it would not do it some times and can't see any patttern from the times it fails.

It is executed by clicking a link in a child window but you can keep clicking the same link and it will each time hit the method for X amount of times and then suddenly for one of them it won't do it.

The parent window AJAX call:

function Update(custtype) {

The child window that calls the function:

<script type="text/javascript">
    function sendval(value) {
        window.parent.Update(value);'txtCustomerType').value = value;

The method in the parent window that for some reason is not always called:

public static string CustType(string custtype)
    HttpContext.Current.Session["CustType"] = "";
    HttpContext.Current.Session["CustType"] = custtype;
    return custtype;
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Looks like a race-- the location.reload is tearing down the page along with the MS-Ajax infrastruture and finishing faster than the Update can finish calling. You have to put all subsequent code into the onSuccess callback or you will get races.

function sendval(value) {
   window.parent.Update(value, onSuccess, /*onFailure*/);
   function onSuccess(result){'txtCustomerType').value = value;
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