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I have some problems with following string while trying to syntax highlight them:


<code class="php"><? echo "<input type=\"text\">"; ?></code>

The php part is rendered correctly, but the html part breaks.

I use the Markdown and Syntax Highlighting snippet from


Any idea how to escape the html part inside the php code correctly ?

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If you tell me in what way my solution doesn't work (what output do you get? What output are you expecting? What errors do you get?) I might be able to help you more. Sorry my answer didn't work for you. –  Dominic Rodger Jan 17 '10 at 20:07
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Looks like you need to pass your PHP/HTML hybrid code through the escape filter, to convert instances of < to &lt; etc.

Use it like this in a template, assuming you've got your code in a template context variable called mycode:

{{ mycode|escape }}
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thanks for your help, but it does not work... i will ask our local python user group this evening thanks anyway ! –  nfo Jan 17 '10 at 13:31
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Python markdown integrates with Pygments that do the syntax highlighting.

You can go from markdown to html formatted text with source code with highlighted syntax.

The short version is:

import markdown
html = markdown.markdown(text,['codehilite'])

html contains the html formatted text with the source code highlighted. You just need to point to css style, that's it.

Have a look at how to setup markdow and pygments to do syntax highlight for blogger.

In your solution you can just include a reference to css which makes it even easier.

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