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I have a GLM Logit regression that works correctly, but when I add a subset argument to the GLM command, I get the following error:

invalid type (list) for variable '(weights)'.

So, the following command works:

glm(formula = A ~ B + C,family = "binomial",data = Data)

But the following command yield the error:

glm(formula = A ~ B + C,family = "binomial",data = Data,subset(Data,D<10))

(I realize that it may be difficult to answer this without seeing my data, but any general help on what may be causing my problem would be greatly appreciated)

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Working! Would you please explain the difference? –  user2980491 Dec 20 '13 at 18:30
Perhaps a subset through the index will work: glm(formula = A ~ B + C,family = "binomial", Data[which(Data$D < 10), ]) –  spin-glass Dec 20 '13 at 18:50

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Try subset=D<10 instead (you don't need to specify Data again, it is implicitly used as the environment for the subset argument). Because you haven't named the argument, R is interpreting it as the weights argument (which is the next argument after data).

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