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I am trying to update my modified stopwatch example for XE12 since it now doesnt work. I'm having a hard time figuring out how to use the new publish. Could somebody please give an example of what the code looks like to set REVEAL mode or SILENT mode?

I have tried mLiveCard.publish(REVEAL); as well as setting LiveCard.PublishMode to REVEAL, but then I don't understand how to actually make it work.

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Here's how the GDK timer sample changed to support the changes in XE12. With respect to publishing LiveCards...

  • Modifications to XE12 caused the following lines to be deleted:

  • And these added:

    import com.google.android.glass.timeline.LiveCard.PublishMode;
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Ahh, I actually was able to find the answer myself. You are supposed to use PublishMode.REVEAL or PublishMode.SILENT so the code would look like this: mLiveCard.publish(PublishMode.REVEAL);

Sorry for the stupid question.

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