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Apex 4.2

Greetings, I am working inside of the Apex environment, but the complete issue also deals with links and browsers.

I've built a report on my PARENT page that has an edit link. The edit link opens up a CHILD dialog window. The CHILD window has some information on it as well as some links that change the PARENT page. It just navigates the PARENT page to a new window. I've accomplished this with the following url:

javascript:void window.opener.location.reload('f?p=&FLOW_ID.:157:&SESSION.::&DEBUG........')

This works fine in internet explorer, however, this doesn't work in FireFox. In FireFox, the parent page just sits there. I was wondering if anyone had a solution or new of this problem and had any insight to it. Again, this may be some what in the wrong forums but any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for the assistance.

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