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I've installed a php application that requires to set up 2 virtual hosts, one for the front-end website and one for the admin panel website. The proper configuration should be as follow:

Virtual host 1  www.domain.com    path:Site/src/site/public
Virtual host 2  admin.domain.com  path:Site/src/site/admin/public

On Windows Azure I did as follow:

  1. I added 2 custom domains: www.domain.com and admin.domain.com

  2. I added a new virtual application under the "virtual applications and directories" area and now I have these 2 virtual applications:

/       site\wwwroot\Site\src\site\public
/admin  site\wwwroot\Site\src\site\admin\public

When I open the address www.domain.com I see what I'm supposed to see as front end website. If I open the address www.domain.com/admin the admin panel is not working properly because it's supposed to be set up as subdomain and not as subdirectory.

Now I need to map http://www.domain.com/admin so that il looks like http://admin.domain.com

Any ideas of what needs to be done to make this type of configuration work on Azure Web Sites?

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Yes, you're not configuring things at the right level. In fact, the good news is that you don't have to configure much of anything when it comes to virtual hosts / virtual applications; Azure Web Sites are already virtual in that way and run on shared instances pools.

In free/shared mode, you share instances with other users, in reserved/standard mode your sites only share instances with your other sites in the same subscription and same region (data center).

All this means that you can create as many Azure Web Sites as you need, and they will all run on the same instance (at least until they need to be scaled out, which is automatic).

In your case, you'll have two Azure Web Sites: domain-www and domain-admin. The former will be bound to www.domain.com and the latter to admin.domain.com. Of course, the names of the sites are completely arbitrary, you don't have to follow any kind of convention (though it may help).

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