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I have a Problem while trying to copy a file, that I would like to use as a database from resources to the documents folder in the current windows user direction.(file = Vorlage.csv)

I was trying to do this since four hours now and I used every explanation I found in the internet but I always get an error. Maybe its just because I don't have the knowledge for that yet.

So what I did with the instructions in the internet is the following Code:

private void firststart()
     ///Beim Ersten Start ausgeführt:
     string direction = Environment.GetFolderPath(Environment.SpecialFolder.MyDocuments);

     if (!(Directory.Exists(direction + "\\MKD-Manager")))
         ///Progrmmordner erstellen
         Directory.CreateDirectory(direction + "\\MKD-Manager");
         ///Vorlage für die Datenbank Auf den Pc kopieren
         File.WriteAllBytes(direction + "\\MKD-Manager\\Vorlage.doc", MyProgramm.Properties.Resources.Vorlage.csv);

When I do it like this, I don't find the "Vorlage.csv" file in the


its just not there.

While trying solutions, I saw that there was a MyProgramm.Ressource1.Vorlage.csv File.

File.WriteAllBytes(direction + "\\MKD-Manager\\Vorlage.doc", MassageKundenDatenbank.Resource1.Vorlage);

When I try the same thing with this one i get an error that says, that it couldn't have been converted in byte type.

So because I dont understand that errors I'm asking you now. Im sorry if this is just to easy but I just dont get it. And its important for my application to have this file local in this folder.

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Please copy and the whole error/exception into your question. –  Preet Sangha Dec 20 '13 at 21:49
This is the answer stackoverflow.com/questions/1709373/…. Also notice, you getting Vorlage.CSV and writing Vorlage.DOC. Also, you have to move file writing outside the if where you create directory –  T.S. Dec 20 '13 at 21:55

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It looks like you're only doing write operations when the parent directory doesn't exist.

byte[] myData = blah;//MyProgramm.Properties.Resources.Vorlage.csv

string myDocuments = 
string myDataDir = myDocuments + "\\MyDataDir";

// This needs to be outside the if block to ensure the data is written even
//   regardless of if the data directory previously existed or not
File.WriteAllBytes(myDataDirectory + "\\myFile.csv", myData);
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