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I was thinking of Mustache cross-language include simulation with passing parameters to the included partial. Eventually I came to the following solution.

Use a normal Mustache block and include JSON as a text inside.

The template:

{{# render }}{
    "partial": "button",
    "text": "MyText",
    "attrs": [
        {"name": "id", "value": "test-id"},
        {"name": "class", "value": "test-class"}

Partial - button.mustache:

<button{{#data.attrs}} {{> attr }}{{/data.attrs}}>{{ data.text }}</button>

Partial - attr.mustache

{{ name }}="{{ value }}"

JS code:

var json = {
    "render": function() {
        return function(text, render) {
            this.data = jQuery.parseJSON(text); // or any other lib for json decoding
            var rendered = render("{{> "+this.data.partial+" }}");
            delete this.data;
            return rendered;
var partials = {
    'attrs': '{{ name }}="{{ value }}"',
    'button': '<button{{# data.attrs }} {{> attrs }}{{/data.attrs}}>{{ data.text }}</button>'
var html = Mustache.to_html(template, json, partials);

PHP code:

    $mustache = new \Mustache_Engine(array(
        // ... init vars ...
    $mustache->addHelper('render', function($text) use ($mustache) {
        $json = json_decode($text);
        $mustache->addHelper('data', $json);
        $result = $mustache->render('partials/'.$json->partial);
        return $result;

(please note, that this is only an example, and it would be probably not worth if using button tag, but for more complicated templates it can work better)

My question is: is it a good way to simulate cross-language template inclusion with passing arguments at the same time? Of course, I realize that this would require some additional check for wrong input. But in general, is it a good approach?

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