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I have an R package that uses roxygen2. It has some C code in /src, and I have just started working with Doxygen. Are there any ways to combine the documentation, or integrate compiling with roxygen2? Any "best practices" for where to put the C code documentation?

Googling for roxygen2 and doxygen primarily leads to "roxygen is similar to doxygen" results. I have found a few packages with Doxyfiles, but no consistent organization. For example, lme4 has inst/doc/Doxyfile output to a folder called doxygen outside the lme4 source directory. There is also a Doxyfile in the root directory of the Matrix (but in previous releases was in inst. This documentation is also exported outside the package directory.

Is there any reason not to include the C documentation inside a package, or why is Doxygen so infrequently used within R packages, despite widespread use of C?

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This doesn't answer your question, but if you use Rcpp you can use roxygen2 to document your exported C++ functions –  hadley Dec 22 '13 at 16:45
I guess Doxygen is not used in R packages, because people do not document their C code. C code is almost never part of the API and R package provides, so people just do not document it. If you want to put your C docs in the package, just generate the HTML from a Makefile and put it in inst/. –  Gabor Csardi Jul 7 at 3:08
I don't know roxygen, but maybe it has some xml output, as doxygen has, and you can combine it with some xslt and create a complete doc from that. –  Daniel Albuschat Dec 13 at 7:04

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