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Hi I have a project where I'm using Entity Framework, code first, to create tables and dummy data. I'm using DbMigrationsConfiguration to do the seeding, that is inserting dummy data into the tables. All this works fine on localhost. However when I publish my site to Windows Azure everything except the seeding work. That is the website is published and the tables are also created, but some reason the dummy data are not inserted into the tables. I'm new to Windows Azure (and EF, Code First). Hope someone can explain what the problem is.

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you may try these tricks, after deploying your application, try accessing something which will read/write something to the db. If still seed data is not inserted, delete the database and try the above step again. The reason is the EF might be not seeing anychange the model that its not initializing the db. Also post your seed code –  Dhana Krishnasamy Dec 22 '13 at 12:34

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Thanks for your answer. It turned out that the seed code had an IF DEBUG encapsulating it. When removed it started to work.

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