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I have a batch file,


but it stops at the end of bat1

any clues?

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Use call:

call bat1.cmd
call bat2.cmd

By default, when you just run a batch file from another one controll will not pass back to the calling one. That's why you need to use call.

Basically, if you have a batch like this:

@echo off
echo Foo
echo Bar

then it will only output


If you write it like

@echo off
echo Foo
call batch2.cmd
echo Bar

however, it will output


because after batch2 terminates, program control is passed back to your original batch file.

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second example identical to first, but I got the point. Works perfectly –  Nick Jan 15 '10 at 13:00
I think the second example is missing a "call." –  Gary van der Merwe Jan 15 '10 at 13:01
Thanks Gary. Damn those copy and paste errors. Fixed. –  Joey Jan 15 '10 at 13:23

Something else to look for:

I had a similar issue where I was calling multiple batch files using the call command but it did not pass back the control to the original .bat file.

I found out that I had an exit command at the end of the batch file which closed the DOS window before going back to the original .bat file and finishing the commands there.

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In order to run the multiple .exe files in one go, firstly you need to create .bat file and then add all of your .exe files as below:

  D:\Data\Feed.exe Books.xml
  D:\Data\Feed.exe Mobile.xml
  D:\Data\Feed.exe Clothes.xml

And then save as something.bat then give it a run with cmd.

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This can happen if bat1.bat stops abnormally (other than just running to the end, like calling exit) and you can work around this by using a fresh cmd.exe to run each bat file:

start /b /wait bat1.bat
start /b /wait bat2.bat

You could omit it for the last one if there won't follow commands in you bat file.

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No, it also happens if the batch terminates normally. Using start here is overkill, though. And you need an extra exit at the end of the sub-batches to kill the cmd process that is spawned. Otherwise you find yourself on a new console after the first batch ran. –  Joey Jan 15 '10 at 12:41

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