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I am trying to set the values for a popup menu in Dashcode programatically. I can change the text/value of some statically defined default ones (from the inspector), but not add or remove them. When the view is initialised it must take a variable number of options.

    var popup = document.getElementById('popup');
    //popup.options = []; /* Doesn't clear the list */
    //popup.options.length = 0; /* Doesn't clear the list */
    popup.options[0].text = "Option 1";
    popup.options[0].value = "123";

How can I modify the list? (LMGTFY answers not required :)


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I solved it like this in the end:

//remove all
if (popup.hasChildNodes()) {
    while (popup.childNodes.length >= 1) {

//add new
$.each(items, function(i, item) {
    var option = document.createElement("option");
    option.text =;
    option.value =;
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Just a stab but couldn't you build the whole popup in JavaScript and set the number of items in the drop down / popup by passing parameters. Then when you want to change any of the items you can call the JavaScript with new parameters?

Or did i misunderstand the question.

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when i try to bind the pop-up menu items dynamically similar as you do, i see the values i assign to pop-up menu items are correct, but non of the items are displayed in the pop-up.

Is there something i'm missing ? Here is my code:

var ddlCurrencyCode = document.getElementById('ddlCurrencyCode'); if (ddlCurrencyCode.hasChildNodes()) { while (ddlCurrencyCode.childNodes.length >= 1) { ddlCurrencyCode.removeChild(ddlCurrencyCode.firstChild);
} }

for (var i = 0; i < result.rows.length; ++i) { var row = result.rows.item(i);
var ddlItem = document.createElement("ddlItem"); ddlItem.text = row['key']; ddlItem.value = row['value']; ddlCurrencyCode.appendChild(ddlItem);

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