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I like to structure my org-mode projects using the :CATEGORY: property, however categories seem not to be recognised by org-agenda-filter-by-regexp (bound to =). When viewing a rather large list of TODO items, it would be helpful to be able to narrow the list to matching categories.

I know that I can use org-agenda-filter-by-category (<), but this command must be executed on the category entry.

Is there a way to regexp filter the Org Agenda including categories?

The function below performs what I'd like, however I can't get it to work from the org-agenda dispatcher as a custom agenda command.

(defun rnkn/org-category-match (str)
  "Org Agenda match TODO headlines matching :CATEGORY: property STR."
  (interactive "sCategory: ")
  (org-tags-view t (concat "CATEGORY={" str "}")))
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In my opinion, the function org-agenda-filter-by-regexp has problems -- my limited tests tonight revealed it to be inconsistent (i.e., sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, and it depends on which line the cursor is on) -- also, it is not even included as a function in a fairly recent version of Emacs Trunk from a couple of months ago -- i.e., I had to pull the function from the web to try it. In my opinion, it would be better to design a function that creates a custom read-string where the input creates a variable using org-agenda-skip-function and then run a new org-agenda . . .. –  lawlist Dec 21 '13 at 6:15

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NOTE:  There are many custom settings that may already be set by the user (e.g., in his / her .emacs or init.el) that might conflict with this example. Therefore, it is recommended that this example be tested all by itself with no other configuration. Thereafter, the user may locate any conflicts that may exist and deal with them if so desired.

EDIT (December 21, 2013):  Here is the alternative approach that I mentioned above, which uses the org-agenda-skip-function and creates a new "*Org Agenda*" buffer displaying results based upon the content of a specific property drawer -- e.g., the content in this example is any one (1) of the following: basket-ball | bowling | fishing | football | sky-diving | tennis. I set it up for December 2013, so that you can see how it might work for you -- e.g., with some tweaking, you can change the date on the fly, etc. Because this example requires the existence of at least one org-agenda-files, the example creates a file and you may adjust it's location.

EDIT (December 23, 2013 -- a):  Added the variable (org-agenda-only-exact-dates t) as a matter of personal preference so that past due dates only appear once.

EDIT (December 23, 2013 -- b):  Arg-*#@! -- The org team recently modified org-element-headline-parser to capitalize the property drawer instead of lowercase -- *#@!!!! -- much time wasted !!!!

EDIT (December 26, 2013):  Created a second function inspired by the detective work of @rnkn -- i.e., http://orgmode.org/worg/org-tutorials/advanced-searching.html#property-searches  Created a defalias to org-element-headline-parser so that example-one does not need to be modified when switching between org versions 8.2.3a and 7.9.3f. Removed setting the display-buffer-alist to nil, which was only for testing the function in-house.

EDIT (December 28, 2013):  Added org-todo-keywords. I'm presently working out issues with a current version of Emacs Trunk and need to be able to switch back and forth between that version and a prior version. Instead of using a defalias of org-element-headline-parser, I modified org-element-at-point to use org-element-headline-parser from Org version 7.9.3f. I will update later -- probably with something like if less than org version 8, then use this . . .

(defun example-one ()
  (require 'org-element)
  (let* (
     (org-todo-keywords '((sequence "Active(a)" "Next Action(n)" "Reference(r)"  "Someday(s)" "Delegated(d)" "|" "None(N)") ))
     (sample-todo (concat
       "* TASKS\n\n"
       "** Active [#A] smith @ drawer-one (fishing) | drawer-two (tennis). :lawlist:\n"
       "   DEADLINE: <2013-12-21 Sat 17:00>  SCHEDULED: <2013-12-21 Sat>\n"
       "   :PROPERTIES:\n"
       "   :DRAWER-ONE:  fishing\n"
       "   :DRAWER-TWO:  tennis\n"
       "   :END:\n\n"
       "** Next Action [#B] doe @ drawer-one (football) | drawer-two (bowling). :fred:\n"
       "   DEADLINE: <2013-12-22 Sun 08:30>  SCHEDULED: <2013-12-22 Sun>\n"
       "   :PROPERTIES:\n"
       "   :DRAWER-ONE:  football\n"
       "   :DRAWER-TWO:  bowling\n"
       "   :END:\n\n"
       "* EVENTS\n\n"
       "** Reference [#C] john @ drawer-one (fishing) | drawer-two (sky-diving). :george:\n"
       "   DEADLINE: <2013-12-23 Mon 10:15>  SCHEDULED: <2013-12-23 Mon>\n"
       "   :PROPERTIES:\n"
       "   :DRAWER-ONE:  fishing\n"
       "   :DRAWER-TWO:  sky-diving\n"
       "   :END:\n\n"
       "* UNDATED\n\n"
       "** Someday [#D] jane @ drawer-one (basket-ball) | drawer-two (bowling). :sam:\n"
       "   DEADLINE: <2013-12-24 Tues 12:00>  SCHEDULED: <2013-12-24 Tues>\n"
       "   :PROPERTIES:\n"
       "   :DRAWER-ONE:  basket-ball\n"
       "   :DRAWER-TWO:  bowling\n"
       "   :END:")))
     (if (get-buffer "foo.org")
         (switch-to-buffer "foo.org")
       (switch-to-buffer (get-buffer-create "foo.org")))
     (insert sample-todo)
     (goto-char (point-min))
     (or (y-or-n-p (format "For this example work, you must save this buffer as a file.  Proceed with example?"))
         (error "Canceled."))
     (write-file "~/Desktop/foo.org" t)
     (let* (
         (filename (buffer-file-name))
         (org-agenda-files (list filename))
         (org-agenda-only-exact-dates t)
         (org-agenda-show-all-dates nil)
         (org-deadline-warning-days 0)
         (org-agenda-time-grid nil)
         (org-agenda-span 'month)
         (org-agenda-entry-types '(:deadline))
         (month "12")
         (year "2013")
         (org-agenda-start-day (concat year "-" month "-" "01"))
         (drawer-content (read-string "basket-ball | bowling | fishing | football | sky-diving | tennis:  " nil))
         (org-agenda-skip-function (lambda ()
           (org-back-to-heading t)
           (let* (
               (element (lawlist-org-element-at-point))
               (drawer-one (org-element-property :drawer-one element))
               (drawer-two (org-element-property :drawer-two element)))
               ((not (or
                     (equal drawer-one drawer-content)
                     (equal drawer-two drawer-content)))
                 (org-end-of-subtree t))
               (t nil) )) )))

(defun example-two ()
  (let* (
      (drawer (read-string "Select a property drawer (e.g., ToodledoFolder):  "))
      (drawer-content (read-string (concat "Select the content of the " drawer " property drawer (e.g., EVENTS):  "))))
    (org-tags-view t (concat drawer "=\"" drawer-content "\"" ))))

(defun lawlist-org-element-at-point (&optional keep-trail)
   (if (org-with-limited-levels (org-at-heading-p))
     (if (not keep-trail) (lawlist-org-element-headline-parser (point-max) t)
       (list (lawlist-org-element-headline-parser (point-max) t))))
     (let ((origin (point))
       (end (save-excursion
          (org-with-limited-levels (outline-next-heading)) (point)))
       element type special-flag trail struct prevs parent)
    (if (org-with-limited-levels (org-before-first-heading-p))
        (goto-char (point-min))
       (catch 'exit
         (while t
           (setq element
         (org-element--current-element end 'element special-flag struct)
                 type (car element))
       (org-element-put-property element :parent parent)
       (when keep-trail (push element trail))
        ((let ((elem-end (org-element-property :end element)))
           (when (or (< elem-end origin)
             (and (= elem-end origin) (/= elem-end end)))
         (goto-char elem-end))))
        ((not (memq type org-element-greater-elements))
         (throw 'exit (if keep-trail trail element)))
         (let ((cbeg (org-element-property :contents-begin element))
           (cend (org-element-property :contents-end element)))
           (if (or (not cbeg) (not cend) (> cbeg origin) (< cend origin)
               (and (= cbeg origin) (memq type '(plain-list table)))
               (and (= cend origin)
                (memq type
                    drawer dynamic-block inlinetask item
                    plain-list quote-block special-block))))
           (throw 'exit (if keep-trail trail element))
         (setq parent element)
         (case type
            (setq special-flag 'item
              struct (org-element-property :structure element)))
           (item (setq special-flag nil))
            (setq special-flag 'node-property struct nil))
           (table (setq special-flag 'table-row struct nil))
           (otherwise (setq special-flag nil struct nil)))
         (setq end cend)
         (goto-char cbeg)))))))))))

(defun lawlist-org-element-headline-parser (limit &optional raw-secondary-p)
    (let* ((components (org-heading-components))
       (level (nth 1 components))
       (todo (nth 2 components))
        (and todo (if (member todo org-done-keywords) 'done 'todo)))
       (tags (let ((raw-tags (nth 5 components)))
           (and raw-tags (org-split-string raw-tags ":"))))
       (raw-value (or (nth 4 components) ""))
        (let ((case-fold-search nil))
          (string-match (format "^%s\\( \\|$\\)" org-quote-string)
        (let ((case-fold-search nil))
          (string-match (format "^%s\\( \\|$\\)" org-comment-string)
       (archivedp (member org-archive-tag tags))
       (footnote-section-p (and org-footnote-section
                    (string= org-footnote-section raw-value)))
       (standard-props (let (plist)
                  (lambda (p)
                (let ((p-name (downcase (car p))))
                  (while (string-match "_" p-name)
                    (setq p-name
                      (replace-match "-" nil nil p-name)))
                  (setq p-name (intern (concat ":" p-name)))
                  (setq plist
                    (plist-put plist p-name (cdr p)))))
                  (org-entry-properties nil 'standard))
       (time-props (org-entry-properties nil 'special "CLOCK"))
       (scheduled (cdr (assoc "SCHEDULED" time-props)))
       (deadline (cdr (assoc "DEADLINE" time-props)))
       (clock (cdr (assoc "CLOCK" time-props)))
       (timestamp (cdr (assoc "TIMESTAMP" time-props)))
       (begin (point))
       (end (save-excursion (goto-char (org-end-of-subtree t t))))
       (pos-after-head (progn (forward-line) (point)))
       (contents-begin (save-excursion
                 (skip-chars-forward " \r\t\n" end)
                 (and (/= (point) end) (line-beginning-position))))
       (hidden (org-invisible-p2))
       (contents-end (and contents-begin
                  (progn (goto-char end)
                     (skip-chars-backward " \r\t\n")
      (when (or quotedp commentedp)
    (let ((case-fold-search nil))
      (setq raw-value
          (regexp-opt (list org-quote-string org-comment-string))
          "\\(?: \\|$\\)")
      (when archivedp (setq tags (delete org-archive-tag tags)))
      (let ((headline
         (list 'headline
            (list :raw-value raw-value
              :begin begin
              :end end
              (if (not contents-begin) 0
                (count-lines pos-after-head contents-begin))
              :hiddenp hidden
              :contents-begin contents-begin
              :contents-end contents-end
              :level level
              :priority (nth 3 components)
              :tags tags
              :todo-keyword todo
              :todo-type todo-type
              :scheduled scheduled
              :deadline deadline
              :timestamp timestamp
              :clock clock
              :post-blank (count-lines
                       (if (not contents-end) pos-after-head
                     (goto-char contents-end)
              :footnote-section-p footnote-section-p
              :archivedp archivedp
              :commentedp commentedp
              :quotedp quotedp)
     headline :title
     (if raw-secondary-p raw-value
        raw-value (org-element-restriction 'headline) headline)))))))
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This looks very impressive, however it doesn't seem to work on my end. I pasted into scratch, evaluated, ran example to create and save foo.org, then entered "tennis" and received an empty Agenda. My org-agenda-files contains ~/Desktop/foo.org. I'm curious if there is not a simpler solution using perhaps the "Tags/Property match of TODO entries" (tags-todo) with some sort of interactive string input? (Sorry, quite new to elisp.) –  rnkn Dec 23 '13 at 11:14
The location of the org-agenda-files will be whatever file you save while running the example -- the function temporarily overrides any value previously set for the variable. I've tested the function using a current version of Emacs Trunk, both with my existing configuration, and with a bare-bones .emacs file containing only the code in the example. When running the example, press yes to proceed -- if "~/Desktop/foo.org" does not exist, it will go straight to where you enter tennis -- if "~/Desktop/foo.org" exists, it will ask you to overwrite, and choose yes -- then tennis –  lawlist Dec 23 '13 at 11:45
With respect to your query about tags-todo, my understanding is that said variable limits the tags search to only headings with TODO keywords as defined by the variable org-todo-keywords. One of the functions activated when searching with the variable tags-todo is org-scan-tags within org.el. org-scan-tags matches against the regexp "\\)\\>\\)? *\\(.*?\\)\\(:[[:alnum:]_@#%:]+:\\)?[ \t]*$", which is only focusing on the headline -- not a property drawer. I do not know why some of the doc strings in org-agenda.el use the word property when referring to tags-todo. –  lawlist Dec 23 '13 at 12:31
Once you have verified that my example works, you can create your own function or use org-agenda-custom-commands and incorporate excerpts from the lower portion of my example. –  lawlist Dec 23 '13 at 12:38
It turned out that the org team recently modified org-element-headline-parser so that the property drawer must be capitalized in the elisp code instead of lowercase. –  lawlist Dec 24 '13 at 4:43

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