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//controller logic for getting the date

function new temp()
         $date= $this->Profile->find('all',array(
               //'conditions'=>array('Profile.DOB+interval EXTRACT(YEAR FROM NOW())- EXTRACT(YEAR FROM Profile.DOB)YEAR >= '=>date('Y-m-d')),
               'conditions'=>array('date(Profile.DOB+interval (EXTRACT(YEAR FROM NOW())- EXTRACT(YEAR FROM Profile.DOB))YEAR >= '=>date('Y-m-d')),

              'fields'=>array('date(Profile.DOB+interval (EXTRACT(YEAR FROM NOW())- EXTRACT(YEAR FROM Profile.DOB))YEAR'),
             'order' => 'date(Profile.DOB+interval EXTRACT(YEAR FROM NOW())- EXTRACT(YEAR FROM Profile.DOB))YEAR',
         for each ($date as $new)
              $one= $new['Profile']['DOB'];
         $data= $this->Profile->find('all',array(
               'conditions'=>array('date(Profile.DOB+interval (EXTRACT(YEAR FROM NOW())- EXTRACT(YEAR FROM Profile.DOB))YEAR) >= '=>date($one))



can anyone help in this please.....

this is MySQL query for getting the appropriate date,comparing with the current date to the date in the table..

select * from profiles
 date(date(DOB+interval (year(now())-year(DOB)) year))=
 (select (date(DOB+interval (year(now())-year(DOB)) year)) from profiles
   where date(date(DOB+interval (year(now())-year(DOB)) year))>=date(now()) 
        order by date(date(DOB+interval (year(now())-year(DOB)) year)) limit 1 );
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You want to get age of user from profiles table? –  Anubhav Dec 21 '13 at 5:04
NO I need to get upcoming Date of birth(DOB).I tried like for ex: if DOB is "1987-12-29"and"2013-12-28".I convert both into current year like "2013-12-29","2013-12-28" and then I query order by DOB –  user3124621 Dec 21 '13 at 5:10
Ok...so you want sorting on the basis of date, month and year...You can ignore year becoz anyways you are converting it into current year. Am I correct? –  Anubhav Dec 21 '13 at 5:14
yes... I need to display only date order by date and month –  user3124621 Dec 21 '13 at 5:21

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Try this query it will give you latest date on the basis of day and month, after that you have to change year to current year using php date functions.

   $date= $this->Profile->find('first',array(
                  'order' => 'day(Profile.DOB), month(Profile.DOB) DESC'


Hope it will work!

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