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I have a function in PL/SQL which has two SQL statements in it, they are as follows :

select access_level into v_access from users where user_ID = APEX_UTIL.get_username( APEX_UTIL.get_current_user_id );


for row in ( select distinct sub_category_lu
                  , f_get_display('SUB_CATEGORY', sub_category_lu) display
                 from files
                 where active = 'Y'
                 and publish_date <= sysdate
                 and category_lu =  p_category
      and key in ( 0, snl_key )
      order by substr(sub_category_lu,1,2)
      ) loop

Now based on the output from the first sql statement, I want to add another 'and' condition in the second sql statement which is in the for loop.

like if v_access is 'xyz' then I want to add a condition in the for loop sql statement as

AND sub_category_lu NOT LIKE '03%' AND sub_category_lu NOT LIKE '04%'

else dont add this condition and keep the loop as above. How can I add an if statement according to this in the loop. Thanks in advance.

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Simply adding only:

(...) AND (v_access != 'xyz' 
          OR (sub_category_lu NOT LIKE '03%' AND sub_category_lu NOT LIKE '04%'))
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Thanks Joop, that helped me... :) –  xyz9999 Dec 21 '13 at 6:45

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