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I got Application.spark and home.spark views.

If layout has:

<span><use content="view" /></span>

And home has:


And partial has:


Then rendered output will be:


Any ideas what's wrong?

Using this spark version with updated System.Web.Mvc assembly.

It seems that


Makes problems.

------ Test started: Assembly: Spark.Web.Mvc2.Tests.dll ------

TestCase 'Spark.Web.Mvc.Tests.SparkViewFactoryTester.FuturesRenderActionCanRunThroughItsProcess' not executed: Futures assembly Microsoft.Web.Mvc not referenced by ASP.NET MVC 2 preview build

TestCase 'Spark.Web.Mvc.Tests.SparkViewFactoryTester.HtmlHelperWorksOnItsOwn' failed: Expected: "hello" But was: <hello> D:\Resources\CodeLibraries\Spark\subdigital-spark-b1ee7ee\src\Spark.Web.Mvc2.Tests\SparkViewFactoryTester.cs(245,0): at Spark.Web.Mvc.Tests.SparkViewFactoryTester.HtmlHelperWorksOnItsOwn()

TestCase 'Spark.Web.Mvc.Tests.SparkViewFactoryTester.RenderPartialOrderCorrect' failed: Looking for


Expected: greater than or equal to 0 But was: -1 D:\Resources\CodeLibraries\Spark\subdigital-spark-b1ee7ee\src\Spark.Web.Mvc2.Tests\SparkViewFactoryTester.cs(155,0): at Spark.Web.Mvc.Tests.SparkViewFactoryTester.ContainsInOrder(String content, String[] values) D:\Resources\CodeLibraries\Spark\subdigital-spark-b1ee7ee\src\Spark.Web.Mvc2.Tests\SparkViewFactoryTester.cs(347,0): at Spark.Web.Mvc.Tests.SparkViewFactoryTester.RenderPartialOrderCorrect()

68 passed, 2 failed, 1 skipped, took 67,59 seconds (NUnit 2.4).

This test fails

    public void RenderPartialOrderCorrect()

        FindViewAndRender("renderpartial-ordercorrect", "ajax");

        var content = output.ToString();
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Temporary adding viewContextWrapper seems like a solution.

Yap... it's cool now. Including intellisense.

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