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I have trouble with integer division in Dart as it gives me error: 'Breaking on exception: type 'double' is not a subtype of type 'int' of 'c'.'

Here's the following code:

int a = 500;
int b = 250;
int c;

c = a / b; // <-- Gives warning in Dart Editor, and throws an error in runtime.

As you see, I was expecting that the result should be 2, or say, even if division of 'a' or 'b' would have a result of a float/double value, it should be converted directly to integer value, instead of throwing error like that.

I have a workaround by using .round()/.ceil()/.floor(), but this won't suffice as in my program, this little operation is critical as it is called thousands of times in one game update (or you can say in requestAnimationFrame).

I have not found any other solution to this yet, any idea? Thanks.

Dart version: 1.0.0_r30798

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That is because Dart uses double to represent all numbers in dart2js. You can get interesting results, if you play with that:


int a = 1; 
a is int; 
a is double;



Actually, it is recommended to use type num when it comes to numbers, unless you have strong reasons to make it int (in for loop, for example). If you want to keep using int, use truncating division like this:

int a = 500;
int b = 250;
int c;

c = a ~/ b;

Otherwise, I would recommend to utilize num type.

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Dart uses doubles to represent numbers only in dart2js. The VM correctly distinguishes between the two types. Please update your answer. – Florian Loitsch Dec 21 '13 at 13:21
Good point. I updated the answer. – gthacoder Dec 21 '13 at 18:48
Just a small update: Even the Dart VM makes a double out of an integer division, even if it would not result in fractions. ~/ helped though, thanks! – marsbear Jan 29 at 17:53

Integer division is

c = a ~/ b;

you could also use

c = (a / b).floor();
c = (a / b).ceil();

if you want to define how fractions should be handled.

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