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I am displaying a list of orders which logged in users have placed and the status of the orders.

Data displays perfectly like :

enter image description here

But when I hover mouse on previous/next buttons i.e. page navigation menu then it looks something like : enter image description here

That menu behaves different or not as per expectation.

I have put whole page in zip file that I have attached here on my google drive. When I remove style1.css from it then it works fine but all page formation I have provided inside it, so anyone help me for that how to avoid css conflict.

Thank You.

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This is because on line 180 of your style1.css file, on :hover of the li it is changing the display property of the li from inline to block:

 ul li:hover {
    display: block;

Removing this style stops this from happening.

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Totally awesome sir. It help me a lot. I am just confused that what to do but you have just solved it in a minutes. Thank you, –  user3117841 Dec 21 '13 at 8:40
No problem, happy to help –  lee_gladding Dec 21 '13 at 8:45