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can anyone help me in this please.... actually I need to display the date of birth comparing with the current date...

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Comparing how? What do you want the output to be? –  Martin Bean Dec 21 '13 at 13:32

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By the logic of it, are you trying to find upcoming birthdays for current month? If so, you should check the CakeTime Helper, it has useful functions. In this case you can make a combination of isThisMonth with isToday and isFuture.

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how about

'conditions'=> array( 'MONTH(Profile.DOB)' => date('m'), 'DAY(Profile.DOB) >= '=> date('d'), )

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If you wanted to 'find' dates that match the current day, you could use the following condition in your find. ( I try and omit using SQL's NOW() function so it does not conflict with the Database servers timezone setting VS the application servers timezone settings IE: Amazon RDS )

$find = $this->Model->find('all',array(
         'DATE(Model.DOB)' => date('Y-m-d')
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