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I have model Countries. And I have associated model Regions. Regions belongs_to Countries and have country_id field. And I have model Objects, which associated with Country and Region. But, in the form, user types their names, so I have virtual attributes country_name and region_name, and I parse then in model. So, country saves in Countries and region in Regions. But how when I'm saving Region, to assign country_id to Region model? I can not get access to params from model, so what can I do?

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Would you be able to include an example of your code (the models and associations)? Then the problem would be easier to understand. –  benjaminjosephw Dec 21 '13 at 11:08

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Actually it was easy.

def region_name=(name)
region = Region.find_or_create_by(:name => name, :country_id => Country.find_by(:name => self.country_name).id) if name.present?
self.region_id = region.id
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