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I was trying to do it wrong way, because I cant open a website if all the files and database is not given, so thats why doing the below things failed

I want to know whether we can add dll files of another Umbraco website to our website, its because our client gave us the .DLL files of their Umbraco website (e.g. busnesslogic.dll, cms.dll, umbraco.dll) to us and we are supposed to modify their website.

I tried setting up a blank umbraco (version 4.11.10 and also latest version 7.0.1) site with mysql database setuped, and added their dll files to my current site's bin folder (that replaced the existing dll files), when i run it it throws exception "Object reference not set to an instance of an object.". i tried to open the site builder yet same error. im using Webmatrix to run my website (also used visual studio but did not succeeded). I also setup Umbraco in Visual studio 2012 and when i tried adding a reference of dll files, it says the Dll files already exists in project.

I know this sounds noobish coz im new to Umbraco, but i searched a lot on this subject and couldnt find an answer, is it possible to open their website with dlls files they have provided, if yes then please tell me how. Thanks in Advance.

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