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Can two domain objects show on the same page, when the list method is called, for example?


def list = {
    if(!params.max) params.max = 10
    [ fooList: Foo.list( params ) ]
    [ barList: Bar.list( params ) ]  // Only the last one is returned.


On the view page, both tables would be displayed on the page.

 <g:each in="${fooList}" status="i" var="foo"> ... </g:each>
 <g:each in="${barList}" status="i" var="bar">  </g:each>
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Pretty sure you can return multiple things in that last line:

[ fooList: Foo.list( params ), barList: Bar.list( params ) ]

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Thanks. It needs a comma. –  anon Oct 16 '08 at 2:22

The comma in the accepted answer is correct, you can remove the // line.

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