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I am using libsvm on 62 classes with 2000 samples each. The problem is i wanted to optimize my parameters using grid search. i set the range to be C=[0.0313,0.125,0.5,2,8] and gamma=[0.0313,0.125,0.5,2,8] with 5-folds. the crossvalition does not finish at the first two parameters of each. Is there a faster way to do the optimization? Can i reduce the number of folds to 3 for instance? The number of iterations written keeps playing in (1629,1630,1627) range I don't know if that is related

optimization finished,

#iter = 1629 nu = 0.997175 obj = -81.734944, rho = -0.113838 nSV = 3250, nBSV = 3247

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This is simply expensive task to find a good model. Lets do some calculations:

62 classes x 5 folds x 4 values of C x 4 values of Gamma = 4960 SVMs

You can always reduce the number of folds, which will decrease the quality of the search, but will reduce the whole amount of trained SVMs of about 40%.

The most expensive part is the fact, that SVM is not well suited for multi label classification. It needs to train at least O(log n) models (in the error correcting code scenario), O(n) (in libsvm one-vs-all) to even O(n^2) (in one-vs-one scenario, which achieves the best results).

Maybe it would be more valuable to switch to some fast multilabel model? Like for example some ELM (Extreme Learning Machine)?

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