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I'm running following query:

START root=node:people(id="$personOrFamilyId"), descendant=node:people(id="$descendant") 
MATCH p=shortestPath(root-[p:child|descendant*..25]->descendant) 
RETURN EXTRACT( n in nodes(p) : n.id ) as node_ids_on_path

and get following error:

p already declared

It was working in 1.9, but in 2.0 it's failing. What am I missing?

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You are reusing the identifier p for both the path coming out of the shortestPath, as well as the relationship identifier inside of the pattern.

START root=node:people(id="$personOrFamilyId"), descendant=node:people(id="$descendant") 
MATCH p=shortestPath(root-[:child|descendant*..25]->descendant) 
RETURN EXTRACT( n in nodes(p) | n.id ) as node_ids_on_path
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now I get: extract(...) requires '| expression' (an extract expression) –  Shaine Eugene Mednikov Dec 21 '13 at 19:26
ah, indeed. missed that--the extract function now takes a pipe. –  Wes Freeman Dec 21 '13 at 19:44

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