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I am trying to draw things on the screen without an X11 server. (I want my program to be in initrd, so I don't want to bloat it with X11.)

It's easy when I have /dev/fb0, but when I use Xen, I don't have it (also I am not sure how that works - the passing of vesafb to the kernel by grub and such).

I've tried SDL but it won't work without /dev/fb0 or X11. How does X11 work without /dev/fb0? It seems like no matter what I do X11 will always work... yet all libraries (like directfb, SDL, etc.) will fail.

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Thank you for editing my question. I hope I can get an answer from someone. I will now test and record the X11's log and some other logs in the following cases: 1. Default VGA driver 2. Nvidia bumblebee(I am using a laptop with Optimus card) 3. Xen with default driver 4. Xen with bumblebee Hope I can get some idea how it's done from the logs –  M. Ivanov Dec 21 '13 at 22:03

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the /dev/fb0 handeling with kernel. you must enable:

  • CONFIG_FRAMEBUFFER_CONSOLE if you want to enable 'df' for console
  • CONFIG_DRM and VGA card driver in this.
  • FB and your VGA card driver in this.
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Ok, but will it work if use Xen? –  M. Ivanov Dec 22 '13 at 21:52
I am not sure. in theory Xen not effect to VM functionality at all. –  taha.d Dec 23 '13 at 5:58

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