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I'm using jaudiotagger for an Android app I'm working on - I added the library into eclipse by going into the project properties, and importing the external jar file. I added the correct import statements in my code and have no compile time problems, but when I run the app, a NoClassDefFoundError is thrown when i try to create an instance of a class in jaudiotagger. (AudioFile) Is there something further that needs to be done to ensure an external library is installed along with the app?

Here's the line throwing the exception:

AudioFile a = AudioFileIO.read(files.get(i));

I have the following imports from jaudiotagger:

import org.jaudiotagger.audio.AudioFile;
import org.jaudiotagger.audio.AudioFileIO;
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is it a jar or a library project? –  Raghunandan Dec 21 '13 at 17:24
assuming jar: is the jarfile of the library in the libs folder? Any build messages (for example builds may succeed if you have Java 7 class files in the jar, but they are not properly converted to dex in older versions of the sdk) –  dst Dec 21 '13 at 17:25
@Raghunandan It's a JAR. –  Wilson Dec 21 '13 at 17:25
@Wilson have you added jar to projects libs folder. goto properties. java build path check the order export tab check private libraries. –  Raghunandan Dec 21 '13 at 17:25
@Raghunandan I just needed to check that, thanks so much! If you'd like to submit an answer, I can accept it. –  Wilson Dec 21 '13 at 22:32

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