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how do i get the password eneterd via a costum user provider. I found this question:

Symfony Security / Custom User Provider : How to get the login password within the custom User Provider?

Which says i would have to overrise the loadUserByName method, and add the password as a parameter, the issue is that i cannot find the file he overrides:


Where is this file located?

I found the:

$user = $this->userProvider->loadUserByUsername($username);

call in the DOAAuthenticationProvider, and i see that the method takes:

protected function retrieveUser($username, UsernamePasswordToken $token)

as augments, i asume i need to pass the password there, and then pass it to loadUserByName, which calls my costum userprovider method.

Any help on how to achieve this is appreciated.

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You can create an AuthenticationHandler on your bundle. and the on successful login fetch the password from the token.

in services.yml:

      class: Wix\UserBundle\EventListener\AuthenticationHandler
      arguments:  ["@security.http_utils", {}]
          - { name: 'monolog.logger', channel: 'security' }

And sample class:

 class AuthenticationHandler extends DefaultAuthenticationSuccessHandler

 * This is called when an interactive authentication attempt succeeds. This
 * is called by authentication listeners inheriting from
 * AbstractAuthenticationListener.
 * @param Request $request
 * @param TokenInterface $token
 * @return Response never null
public function onAuthenticationSuccess(Request $request, TokenInterface $token)

    $response = new RedirectResponse('/');

    return $response;


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