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I'm trying to generate figures using matplotlib in which all of the text is sans-serif (Open Sans) by default. A number of questions here on SO, along with the Open Sans documentation, suggest something like

matplotlib.rc('text', usetex=True)
matplotlib.rcParams['text.latex.preamble'] = [

should work, but instead I see the serif font. For example, the above uses what looks like Computer Modern, and

matplotlib.rcParams['text.latex.preamble'] = [

uses Charter. Adding something like \renewcommand{\familydefault}{\sfdefault} has no effect.

How do I force matplotlib using LaTeX, to use a specified sans-serif font by default for all text (axes, labels, annotations, etc.)?

FWIW, when I don't use LaTeX (text.usetex=False) I don't get Open Sans as expected either, but I do get the sans-serif. For example

font = {'family': 'sans-serif', 'sans-serif': ['Open Sans','sans-serif']}
plt.rc('font', **font)

results in a sans-serif font that's not Open Sans. I have no problems with Open Sans in other tools or applications, including LaTeX/TeX tools.

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does this help:stackoverflow.com/questions/2537868/… ? –  Paul H Dec 22 '13 at 3:29

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