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I have a web application that I'm trying to convert to use a Makefile for building.

I have an "input" directory that contains source files as well as "list" files that define concatenations of the source files:

js/app.js.list     # common.js other_utils.js component1.js component2.js app_logic.js
js/admin.js.list   # common.js admin_logic.js

I want to "output" files to be determined by these list files like so:


…with targets rebuilt only as necessary (e.g. static/admin.js would be rebuilt iff js/admin.js.list or js/common.js or js/admin_logic.js were modified.)

Is there a way to do this without generating "extra" included makefiles?

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Found a way using GNU Make's secondary expansion feature! This lets me create a prerequisites list based on the contents of the "main" list file prerequisite:

.PHONY: js
jsfiles = $(shell ls -1 js/*.js.list)
js: $(jsfiles:js/%.js.list=static/%.js)

static/%.js: js/%.js.list $$(shell cat js/%.js.list | sed 's/^/js\//')
    echo "compile" $^
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