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So my trouble is that when I put this game into a .JAR file it won't show up. I can still see the bullets but I can't see the invader images

public class Invaders {
protected int xPos;
protected int yPos; 
protected int moveStep = 0;  
protected int size = 15; 

static BufferedImage invader1image = DrawingPanel.loadBitmap("invader1.jpg");
static BufferedImage invader2image = DrawingPanel.loadBitmap("invader2.jpg");

//some code in the middle omitted

public void draw(Graphics g, int seconds) {

    if(seconds%50 < 25){
            this.xPos-this.size, this.yPos-this.size,
            this.size*2, this.size*2,null);
    } else{ g.drawImage(invader2image, // this isn't working
            this.xPos-this.size, this.yPos-this.size,
            this.size*2, this.size*2,null);

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What does loadBitmap look like? – MadProgrammer Dec 21 '13 at 21:17

you should get the images the following way

BufferedImage invader1image ="invader1.jpg"));

now you keep your images along your class file

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