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How to convert a date to time in pure Vimscript.

I have a date (ex: 2013-12-21) and I want to convert it to time in order to call strftime() to get the day of week. Because the 2nd argument of strftime must be a time, as mentioned :h strftime()

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Unfortunately, the only sources for {time} (which is the Unix epoch, i.e. seconds since 1-Jan-1970) built-in are localtime() for the current time, and getftime() for a file's modification date.

To convert arbitrary dates, one needs external help; e.g. through an embedded language like Python, or via the date command-line tool. You'll find the latter implemented in ingo#date#epoch#ConvertTo() from my ingo-library plugin.

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OK, I can delete my would-be comment ;-) –  romainl Dec 21 '13 at 22:14

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