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Using the latest stable 6.x release of SugarCRM

I've created a custom module and added all of the required fields to the edit, detail, and listview layouts.

Ostensibly, I was just supposed to create some relationships between the module itself and Notes & Documents. I created them exactly they way they appear in the Leads module.

In the Leads module I can see that after clicking on a lead in the Listview, it takes me to the DetailView. Once there the Activities and History "section" (I'm not yet familiar enough with SugarCRM to know if that is a SubPanel for sure) is present.

You can add multiple documents, notes, tasks, etc. This is pretty standard fare in a CRM and is what I need in my custom module for each record.

I can't recreate this functionality with Relate/Flex-Relate fields alone. That only allows a one-to-one relationship with documents, and I want to replicate the Lead functionality, which is many-to-many.

How can I activate the DetailView for my custom module? It never appears. Since I don't have use for name field, any custom field in the ListView layout has no hyperlink and therefore the DetailView seems to be inaccessible.

After getting the DetailView to work for my custom module, how to add the Notes & Documents "section" that is present in the Leads module (specifically it's DetailView)?

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