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I need a SUMIFs equivelent in google spreadsheet. It only has SUMIF, no IFS.

here is my data:

#   Salesman    Term (Month)    Amount
1   Bob         1           1,717.09
2   John        1           634.67
3   Bob         1           50.00
4   Bob         1           1,336.66
5   Bob         1           0.00
6   Bob         1           55.00
7   Bob         300         23,803.97
8   Bob         300         24,483.91
9   Bob         300         20,010.03
10  Bob         300         41,191.62
11  Bob         300         40,493.14
12  Bob         300         10,014.01
13  John        1           100.00
13  John        100         100.00

I want to add everything that BOB sold that the term is equal to or less then 100. I also want to SUM everything that bob sold that the term is greater then 100. Same for John.

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You need to use the FILTER function combined with the SUMfunction. In your example with Bob, your function would be like (assuming your data columns is from A to C):

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+ 1 Nice one :) –  Siddharth Rout Dec 22 '13 at 1:33

The new Google Spreadsheet, now has the SUMIFS function available.

You can use the following formula:

=SUMIFS(F1:F14,D1:D14, "=Bob",F1:F14, ">=100",E1:E14, "<100")

If you want to perform the calculation for John as well, I can recommend the following:

=QUERY(D1:F14, "SELECT D, SUM(F) WHERE E<100 AND F>=100 GROUP BY D LABEL D 'Who', SUM(F) 'Total'")

See example file I created: SUMIFS on DATA

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