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My Qt class has two constructors:

explicit ConVar(const QString &name, const QString &def, 
                NGlobalCmd::VarCallback callback = NULL, 
                const QString &desc = "", 
                NGlobalCmd::CMDFLAGS flags = 0, 
                bool hasMin = false, float min = 0.0, 
                bool hasMax = false, float max = 0.0, 
                QObject *parent = 0);

explicit ConVar(const QString &name, const QString &def, 
                /* This is the new line */
                CommandManager* manager, ListedConsoleCommand** list,
                NGlobalCmd::VarCallback callback = NULL, 
                const QString &desc = "",
                NGlobalCmd::CMDFLAGS flags = 0, bool hasMin = false, 
                float min = 0.0f, bool hasMax = false, 
                float max = 0.0f, QObject* parent = 0);

However, when I attempt to create an instance of the class using parameters that fit the second constructor, I get an error saying that a CommandManager pointer cannot be converted to a callback pointer (ie. the compiler does not attempt to use the second constructor). Is there any reason why this would happen? The strange thing is that the test Qt project I created which references this class's library does not suffer from the same error, whereas my actual application project (referencing the same library) does.


Header file in which the class is defined:

static const QString compileDate(__DATE__);
static const QString compileTime(__TIME__);
static ConVar g_compile_version("g_compile_version",
                                compileDate + " " + compileTime,
                                "Date and time of last compile.",


ConVar::ConVar(const QString &, const QString &,
               NGlobalCmd::VarCallback, const QString &, 
               NGlobalCmd::CMDFLAGS, bool, float, bool, 
               float, QObject*): 
cannot convert parameter 3 from 'ListedCommandManager *' 
                             to 'NGlobalCmd::VarCallback' 
- There is no context in which this conversion is possible.

ListedCommandManager is a derived class of CommandManager.


Have narrowed the issue down further. Compiles succeed if the ListedCommandManager header is included, but I'm not quite sure why.

 * @brief Extends the CommandManager class by providing functionality to
 * traverse a list of ListedConsoleCommands when the
 * manager is created.
class ICONSOLESHARED_EXPORT ListedCommandManager : public CommandManager
     * @brief Constructor.
     * @param parent QObject parent, if applicable.
    explicit ListedCommandManager(QObject* parent = 0);

     * @brief Constructor with a pointer to a list to traverse.
     * @param listHead When constructed, the manager will traverse the list
     * whose head is pointed to by this parameter.
     * @param parent QObject parent, if applicable.
    explicit ListedCommandManager(ListedConsoleCommand* listHead,
                                  QObject* parent = 0);

     * @brief Destructor.
    virtual ~ListedCommandManager() {}

     * @brief Traverse the list specified by the head and register each
     * console command to the manager.
     * @param listHead Head element of the list of ListedConsoleCommand
     * objects.
    void traverse(ListedConsoleCommand* listHead);
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Show your usage. And the exact types of all parameters. –  Crappy Experience Bye Dec 22 '13 at 2:00
And the exact error message. –  Cornstalks Dec 22 '13 at 2:00
In case it helps: the difference between the first and second constructor is that the second provides a command manager for the object to attempt to register with; if the manager is not yet created, the object attaches itself to the list pointer. The first constructor just treats both of these as NULL. –  x6herbius Dec 22 '13 at 2:12
As an aside, those are massive argument lists! You may want to examine the responsibilities of ConVar. –  Johnsyweb Dec 22 '13 at 2:20
It's literally a mimic of Valve's console variable class, as I need to work with some of their stuff. I based my argument list off the SourceMod API: docs.sourcemod.net/api/index.php?fastload=show&id=475&; –  x6herbius Dec 22 '13 at 2:24

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Worked it out - the global command manager I'm trying to use in the constructor is defined in a header file, which I include, but ListedCommandManager is only forward-declared so without including ListedCommandManager.h the compiler doesn't know it's a derived class from CommandManager. Thanks to all who offered help.

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