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Should I use:

  1. Community Engine
  2. Insoshi
  3. LovdByLess
  4. RailsSpace
  5. Roll-my-own

I am looking to quickly get a social network up with support for mobile browsing. While I'm familiar with Ruby & Rails, I am not an expert (have built some basic Rails apps, have written a bunch of Ruby programs for enterprise integration).

Thanks, skybison

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Here's another that may be worth checking out: enginey.com I've been working roll-my-own myself. Lot's of fun! –  tybro0103 Jan 15 '10 at 16:57
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insoshi is quite ok, i used it in a past project. although i can also recommend rolling your own, which is not such a big problem with all the existing gems out there. i can recommend starting with authlogic (authentication) - then paperclip (attachments). all the other stuff is best rolled on your own. have fun!

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I'd say make you own. I tried community engine and Lovdbyless, but mostly it didn't have what I wanted and had too much of what I didn't have.

So I created my own, mostly from what this screencast. It has most of the self-referential relationships to users can follow,unfollow and other stuff.


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I used community-engine but and really had a lot of features which i don't wanted and had to extend. It is easily extend-able because it is a plugin and you can extend or override different parts of that. But i found a much cooler plugin called tog http://www.toghq.com/ which is fully plugin based, so you can roll your very own setup of features and you can build your social network from "bricks". Also has a lot of plugins to tog which can be used unobstrusively. I think this is far the best.

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