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I have 3 tables named products, products_distribution, region. Logic is product has one pkey p_id, region has one pkey r_id, and products_distribution must have one pkey lets say pd_id and 2 foreign keys relating to products and regions.

I can have many products for one region.

I have created unique key for product_id and region id and mentioned foreignkey that related product and region table. But after I created I added product id 7 and region id 7 in product distribution table. Again I wanted to create row with product id 7 and region id 8. But, it says duplicate entry. I have set pd_id (pkey) set to auto increment.

How to integrate foreign key in phpmyadmin in this scenario, so that i can able to set same number of product_id in other rows. But, combination of product_id and region_id in product distribution table must be primary key.

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You need to review how you defined the keys for the table Products_distribution. You should have 1 pk auto-increment and another non-unique index on each of / or the combination of p_id, r_id. – NoChance Dec 22 '13 at 5:25
I dropped the table and created 2 primary keys. Now its fine. But how to create non unique index. I had created foreign keys in relation view tab, i think that created me unique indxes. – atomaprchya Dec 22 '13 at 5:52
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By default, the index creation dialog of phpMyAdmin is set to create a unique index. You just have to change the "index type" selector of this dialog to "index".

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