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I'm running Linux Mint 15, and my machine is spontaneously rebooting. It appears to happen when the computer is under load. Normal use doesn't seem to cause it, but I'm trying to create a windows vm and I can't make it through the install, because the host keeps crashing. This is what my syslog looks like right before/after a crash.

Can anyone help me decipher this? FYI Cerebro is the hostname.

Dec 21 23:18:33 Cerebro kernel: [    6.294603] [Hardware Error]: MC4 Error (node 0): Protocol error (link, L3, probe filter).
Dec 21 23:18:33 Cerebro kernel: [    6.294606] [Hardware Error]: Error Status: System Fatal error.
Dec 21 23:18:33 Cerebro kernel: [    6.294608] [Hardware Error]: CPU:0 (15:2:0) MC4_STATUS[Over|UE|MiscV|PCC|-|-|-]: 0xfa000000000b0c0f
Dec 21 23:18:33 Cerebro kernel: [    6.294610] [Hardware Error]: cache level: L3/GEN, mem/io: GEN, mem-tx: GEN, part-proc: OBS (no timeout)
Dec 21 23:23:18 Cerebro kernel: [  301.422760] mce: [Hardware Error]: Machine check events logged
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Looks like a hardware issue! – Basile Starynkevitch Dec 22 '13 at 8:18

This file seems to indicate that MC4 refers to the machine-check register for the common north-bridge functionality in AMD processors, that is, the combined memory-controller and HyperTransport hub.

Given that, one can only assume that there's something wrong with either of those links. Something could be wrong with your RAM boards if it's the memory controller complaining, or with the south-bridge if it's the HT hub complaining. Alternatively, you could have a broken trace on the motherboard, or there could be something wrong with the corresponding components inside the CPU itself.

I can't say I can decode more information to narrow it down further, however. Either way, you do most likely have some faulty hardware.

EDIT: Google suggests there is a program mcelog that knows to decode the MCE codes for you. It may give more useful information on what your particular error means.

(Also, this question is probably better suited for superuser.com.)

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