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In my project, I use such the following code to release a version for a node:

VersionManager vm = ...;

Version v = vm.checkin([node path...]);

vm.checkout([node path...]);

And set a label for the version:

vm.getVersionHistory([node path...]).addVersionLabel(v.getName(), [version label: "edit", "create"], false);

It works fine, but after a while this operation slows down and takes a long time almost 3-4 min.

If I restart Sling it work well again.

Thanks, in advance.

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It would be useful if you could provide a stack trace / profiler dump of what goes on when the operation is slow. Also, what version of Jackrabbit are you using with Sling and have you made any changes in its configuration? –  Robert Munteanu Dec 24 '13 at 21:00

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