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I'm new to the apache thrift. I've successfully installed apache thrift to the machine. Then I wrote a thrift file.

typedef i64 long
typedef i32 int
service ArithmeticService { 
            long add(1:int num1, 2:int num2),

Then I used thrift --gen java file_name.thrift to generate Service file. It was created under gen-java directory. Then I have no idea where(the directory) I put my server, client java files. I tried in various places but that files cannot resolved thrift in-build things like TExcepetion , etc. So how can I solve this problem ?

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You structure your project exactly as you would do with any other Java project. Just make sure the generated files and the Thrift library are included into your project. A very recommended place to start is the Apache Thrift Java tutorial, which also includes an ant file.

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