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I've been working on a (nearly finished) Javascript project for a little over 14 months now. The project started out as a hack I expected to finish overnight, but over time the Javascript part has grown up to be 68 separate files and 10,314 non-empty lines, sadly currently dependent on the C preprocessor for building.

It's hard to explain how I ended up using cpp for the Javascript: this was only a hack, and I needed something that gave me macro expansion, ifdef, define, and includes without too much effort. After about 3 second's consideration, I realized cpp was "perfect" for the task:

  • Provide a LOG() macro that disappears in release mode.
  • Provide an ASSERT() macro that disappears in release mode, and generates exceptions tagged with original file and line number.
  • Swap LOG() and ASSERT() implementations for code that allows producing a "checked" build, which logs events in a compact form as they occur, that are reported back to the server if a crash occurs.
  • Replacing PROJECT_SOME_CONFIG_VAR_NAME with "1", based on a configuration file shared with the Python backend.

Like all true hacks, this hack is now so hard-coded into the project that I truly hate to even think about the work that will be required to replace it. My project is reaching the stage where I want to move the code base to its own dedicated test server (rather than my laptop), however on setting up a Linux instance, I've discovered that GNU cpp versions after 4.1 no longer preprocess the Javascript with crashing out with an error.

Rather than add a specific version of GCC to the list of build requirements, I figured now would be a good time to truly fix this mess. My problem is, though, that I can't find a replacement preprocessor with the same power and features as cpp! I have considered m4, but m4 is a world of pain unto itself. Other Javascript-specific preprocessors I have found lack all the features I am currently depending on, e.g.:

  • __FILE__ & __LINE__
  • Variadic macros
  • Include guards
  • Token concatenation
  • Conditional compilation

I am seriously considering implementing a brand new preprocessor just for Javascript, that completely borrows the C preprocessor syntax since it has worked so well. I'm just wondering if there are better options before doing so. :) Perhaps there is already a cpp-like generic preprocessor I could swap in? The work required to replace all the preprocessor syntax in those 68 files approaches the amount of work required to simply reimplement the preprocessor.

I'm quite surprised I ever made it so far while relying on the C preprocessor; it is more effective at this task than healthy for the mind to comprehend. Another option open to me is statically building versions of cpp-4.1 for Linux, Darwin-i386, Win32, and storing those binaries in the project's repository.


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ok, I sympathize. you did a real mess, but why does the cpp crash ? it should not. –  Stefano Borini Jan 15 '10 at 15:45
@Stefano, it is not a true crash like a segmentation fault. The parser is getting confused because Javascript's set of lexemes and grammar are obviously different to that of C. GCC 4.2+ seem to have much stricter parsers. –  dmw Jan 15 '10 at 15:48
out of curiosity: which JS constructs confuse the C PP? –  Christoph Jan 15 '10 at 16:22
Perhaps you can modify another CPP-alike (such as haskell.org/cpphs) to better suit your needs. Or write a JavaScript preprocessor in JavaScript, since you're familiar with the language now ;-) –  ephemient Jan 15 '10 at 17:17
@Christoph, at least single-quoted strings: 'David' is valid Javascript, whereas it is invalid C. Prior to 4.2, GCC appeared to pass through invalid tokens, however that is no longer true. @ephemient Quite possibly :) Actually the task should be simpler, since I do not require the full generality and rules of the C preprocessor. –  dmw Jan 15 '10 at 18:43

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Have you already tried mcpp? It's a "portable C preprocessor"

Should that fail, you could try using a generic macro processor (like gema) and build enough cpp on top of it.

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Thanks for the link to mcpp: it gets quite far in "-@old" mode, but seems to be failing because I'm using single quote characters for strings (character literals in C). Investigating gema momentarily. –  dmw Jan 15 '10 at 16:21
Awarding you the answer to this question, since it was the most useful. In the end I decided to bite the bullet and convert the entire codebase to Google Closure, as it has nearly all the features I need in pure Javascript, and the compiler gives the same benefits at 'deployment' time (linking it together and removing debug code). –  dmw Feb 16 '10 at 21:19

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