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I wanted to build a little shellcode which writes Test\n in a file. First i created an assembly programm:

    section .data
    msg db  "Test",0x0a,0x0d
    file    db  "./test.txt"
    section .text
    global _start
    xor eax,eax
    mov eax,8
    mov ebx,file
    mov ecx,0x700
    int 0x80
    mov ebx,eax
    mov eax,4
    mov ecx,msg
    xor edx,edx
    mov edx,6
    int 0x80
    mov eax,6
    int 0x80
    mov eax,1
    xor ebx,ebx
    int 0x80

This one is working. Then i wanted to create the shellcode:

    BITS 32
    jmp short file
    xor eax,eax
    mov al,8
    pop ebx
    mov ch,0x7
    int 0x80
    mov ebx,eax
    mov al,4
    jmp short msg
    pop ecx
    xor edx,edx
    mov dl,6
    int 0x80
    mov al,6
    int 0x80
    mov al,1
    xor ebx,ebx
    int 0x80
    call msg2
    db  "Test",0x0a,0x0d
    call file2
    db  "./test.txt"

i compiled this using nasm but it doesnt work! I dont know why! Does anybody have an idea?

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