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I am using imageMagick extension for php 5.4

magick module version 3.1.0RC1 ImageMagick 6.7.7-10 2013-09-01 Q16 ImageMagick release date 2013-09-01

Trying this simple snippet:

$images = array(
$pdf = new Imagick($images);
if (!$pdf->writeImages('combined.pdf', true)) {
    die('Could not write!');

Always gives me 1 PAGE PDF file.

(I tried various ways to acheive that, including trying to create GIF animation and it always generated me 1 single frame or 1 sigle page).

When I try on SSH

convert 1.jpg 2.jpg combined.pdf

This works great: what am I doing wrong ?

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Try appendimage function of Imagemagick


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