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I am trying to crontab a python/selenium script but obviously this won't work since Firefox requires a display, I went down the PyVirtualDisplay / xvfb route but this won't give me visual feedback, I don't want to run the script headless,I just want it to launch automatically like if I was entering the command line by hand in the terminal, just automatic . Would you know of a way to do it without going through the crontab/headless route ?

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If you want to run your test in background but same time you can see browser when you want, try this:

  1. Install CI and run it service by your user (try Jenkins, google will help you)
  2. Write Ant Script, it will help to automate the run. (URL)

I'm using CI and Ant to run my test by schedule and when i want buy one click. Good luck maybe this will help you.

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