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I'm doing a project at college, it's an IR range finder 360º. The concept off the system is:

arduino connected to pc, that communicates by serialport, then I have a server in coffeescript that connects to html script by sockets.

I can send data from arduino to website without problems, but when i send data from website to arduino, my arduino protocol give me this error: "Wrong length plot with"

coffeescript code that send to arduino:

 if (action != "")    

     sp.write action.substring(0,5) 
     console.log action
     action = ""


while (Serial.available() > 0) {

      char aux = Serial.read();
      String aux2 (aux);
      if ( inputString.length() > 5 ){
      if ( aux2 != ""){
        inputString += aux2;

I am sending something like: 021'' (I think it is sending \n or something, and there is the problem ... ) arduino can only recieve 021''

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