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i am using eclipse and the blackberry simulator for my BB development. is there any way of viewing your code changes without having to close the current simulator session and start a new one? it seems like it's a pain in the rear to activate a new session each and every time (just to see a code change).

Of course, if you attempt to run another instance of a simulator in eclipse, you will get a warning dialog stating that "A Blackberry debugging session is already active. Only one Blackberry debugging session can be active at one time."

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refer to this Duplicate – Michael B. Jan 22 '10 at 21:59

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I found this here:

Reload a BlackBerry device application without restarting the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator Before you begin: You must install the BlackBerry® Java® SDK 5.0 or later on your computer.

In Eclipse® right-click a BlackBerry device application. Complete one of the following tasks: Click Run As > BlackBerry Simulator. Click Debug As > BlackBerry Simulator. In the BlackBerry® Smartphone Simulator, click the icon to run the application. In Eclipse, make changes to the application that is running. Save the changes. Complete one of the following tasks: On the Run menu, clickRun As > BlackBerry Simulator. On the Run menu, click Debug As > BlackBerry Simulator. The changes to the BlackBerry device application appear in the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator.

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I gave it a try and it works. I used the 'Run History' option instead of 'Run As...' and changes were automatically loaded into the BB Simulator that was already running. – Alejandro Riedel Dec 10 '11 at 17:12

I found writing a shell script to package and deploy the app with a few specific parameters was far more efficient--time-wise. Here's an example:

"$SDKDIR/dependencies/tools/bin/blackberry-deploy" -uninstallApp -installApp -launchApp -password <your_password> -device -package <>

I specify the shell-script to run as a build task in my IDE and and let it do it's job. The key here is the -uninstallApp part & -installApp params which saves a lot time in the long run.

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