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Is it possible to reverse an anonymous list in template toolkit?


[% FOREACH month IN [1..12].reverse %]
    [% month %]
[% END %]

(except that doesn't work).

Just wondered if there was a neat way to do it without using variables or explicitly typing out the array.

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Looks like someone needs to a write Template::Plugin::Autobox. –  oeuftete Jan 15 '10 at 17:24

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Sorry, there isn't. Being able to instantiate anonymous arrays in situ is a special case handled by the TT parser. You can't operate on them like you can in regular Perl without the intermediate step of assigning to a named variable.

EDIT: You can't even pass in a subroutine to try to use like so:

[% FOREACH month IN my_reverse([1..12]) %]
    [% month %]
[% END %]

Nor can you try to use a method on an object:

[% FOREACH month IN testObj.my_reverse([1..12]) %]
    [% month %]
[% END %]

They will compile, but in each case, the FOREACH construct sees the head of the chain, e.g. a CODE reference in the first case and a blessed object in the second.

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Thanks Adam, that's very useful to know. –  aidan Jan 17 '10 at 20:55

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