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I would like to track how much time is spent on each project within my IDE. For as long as I've been developing, I've used a standalone application or even a web application. I would like it to tie into the IDE directly because it will automatically track time spent based on the open project / file (ideally).

I started to read about TimeKeeper for Netbeans. What else works well ... for free?


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I've had good experiences with http://www.eclipse.org/mylyn/ for eclipse

Also, the commercial extension of mylyn, TaskTop has a number of interesting features such as task-specific desktops and breakdown of hours spent / bug, etc.

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Yeah, that looks like what I would want as well. Just knowing the number of hours per project isn't as detailed as I'd like. I would like it to be broken down by bugs or feature enhancements if possible. It integrates with trac which is what I use. –  Walter White Jan 15 '10 at 17:04
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