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I have a Song model with a votes attribute. I have a Vote as Favourite button displayed below each Song object. I want when a user clicks on the Vote as Favourite button the votes attribute associated with that Song object should increment by 1 and all the Vote as Favourite buttons should be disabled.


{% for song in dj_song_list %}
        <p class="song"><h3><strong>{{ song.name }}</strong></h3></p>
        <p><strong>Artist: </strong>{{ song.artists}}</p>
        <button type="button" class="btn btn-default btn-custom" id='vote' onclick="Dajaxice.hunt.disable_button(Dajax.process)">Vote as Favourite</button>
{% endfor %}

I'm using dajaxice/dajax for my AJAX call. This is what I've come up with as my ajax.py


from django.utils import simplejson
from dajaxice.decorators import dajaxice_register
from dajax.core import Dajax

def disable_button(request):
    dajax = Dajax()
    dajax.assign('#vote', 'disabled', 'disabled')
    return dajax.json()

def update_votes(request, song):
    song.votes += 1
    return simplejson.dumps({'message':'Thank you for voting'})


function callback(data){

How do I get the value of Song object to send to update_votes()?

The disable_button() disables only the first vote button. How can I disable all the vote buttons?

How can I call both update_votes() and disable_button() using the same buttons onclick attribute?

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Here's how you can update the votes. You don't need update_votes to be an ajax function.

def update_votes(song_id):
    song = Song.objects.get(id=song_id)
    song.votes += 1

You can then call this function from within disable_button.

def disable_button(request, song_id):
    #disable the buttons
    return #whatever

And are you sure you're using the right selector to disable your buttons?

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